Neutvault: MOST ADVANCED Stateless Wallet

Benefit from the ever fluctuating price nature of crypto-currencies and earn up to 15% of your wallet weekly using Neutvault Stateless Wallet today
  • Over 9 million active wallets created
  • Smart-swapping generates margin profits in the range of 9% to 15% compounded weekly
  • New Multi-Coin wallet support
  • Withdrawals now processed in 10 mins
  • Security: Your wallet is encrypted with your password;hence only you has control over your funds.
  • No hidden fees. Only 0.1% tax on profits.
  • No KYC verification for withdrawal amounts under 100k USD

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Neutvault Stateless Wallet

Neutvault is not a crypto-currency in itself but rather it's a crypto wallet for holding multiple crypto-currencies in a Stateless manner.
This means Neutvault Stateless Wallet can hold various kinds of crypto-currencies in the same form and at the same time including Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin etc(this is a general characteristic of a Stateless Wallet). This single property allows for easily swaping/converting crypto-asset/currencies to the most favourable form at every point in time. It automatically changes state to adapt to the present crypto-dynamic market situations. It Easily swaps to various crypto-currencies incuring minimal/zero cost and in the most efficient manner as to maintain stability and defile depreciation. When the market value of another is rising at a better pace, your assets are sure swapped for the one rising at the particular time even if the current state of the asset was not experiencing a depreciation.
For instance, let's say that your asset currently exists as Bitcoin, if Another say ethereum begins to experience better appreciation than Bitcoin, your assets are swapped for Ethereum. The process is repeated if another currency in scope begins to witness better trends. This means that anything in a Stateless Wallet will always appreciate. In practice you realise a growth by 9% to 15% weekly depending on the crypto-dynamic market conditions; however, it will always be a positive growth. You store your assets in a Stateless Wallet instead of a static one and benefit from the ever fluctuating price nature of crypto-currencies. Stateless can be used fully just like static wallets to send and receive funds; trade/exchanges and can still transfer/withdraw to a static wallet if you desire. After generating and activating your wallet, you do not require any other action or technical knowledge. Neutvault Stateless Wallet handles all smart auto-conversions/swapping internally and within the wallet. Every statistic is available at your dashboard.

In order to use Neutvault wallet you need to generate a wallet address, which is linked to your Neutvault Stateless Wallet. Then you need to activate your wallet by saving some initial deposits in it; you can do this by sending Bitcoin from your conventional wallet right to your Neutvault Stateless Wallet. While logged into your account dashboard, click on DEPOSIT and then GENERATE WALLET to generate your own unique Bitcoin wallet address.
If you do not have a conventional wallet yet, do consider creating one from one of our partner services
As soon as your wallet is funded and activated, swapping begins automatically; at this point no other manual intervention is needed. Neutvault Stateless Wallet automates the rest of the process.
Your assets are stored offline in cold wallets and hence eliminates any risks that may entail. Neutvault Stateless Wallet entails no risk.

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General price of all crypto-currencies fluctuate almost irregularly, periodically and independently of one another. Hence while some increase in worth at a particular time, others decrease in worth. Exploiting this involves swapping out one whose worth is relatively less progressive at a particular time for one whose worth trends higher at the instant. The difference in their respective rate of appreciation at that instant is the intended profit.

Mathematically, let's say Bitcoin worth =$7000 and Ethereum worth=$200. If you have 1btc in possession, swapping it for Ethereum will give=(7000/200)=35ETH. now 35ETH will still be worth $(35*200)=$7000 so nothing is lost nor gained. Now let's say ethereum actually increases in worth such that 1ETH now worths $250 while bitcoin did not increase in worth or may have even depreciated at that particular instant or even appreciated at a lesser rate, then that means your 35ETH you got by swapping 1btc for 35eth now worths=$(35*250)=$8750. That means you have converted your earlier $7000 to $8750 by intelligently swapping the right currency for the right currency at the right time.
But Neutvault Stateless Wallet does much more than that. Neutvault Stateless Wallet automates this process by auto-swapping these currencies accurately with up to date and precise market statistics. Crypto-market statistics is refreshed every 15 secs and precise calculations are made to generate maximum turn outs.
All these are done internally as an inherent property of a Stateless Wallet incuring minimal/zero cost. Like any genuine crypto-wallet, Neutvault Stateless Wallet is safe,private and strongly encrypted with your secret password so that only you has access to your funds.
You are in control and no entity can lock you out of your funds.

Only a small fee of 0.0001BTC transaction fee is charged on every deposit to your wallet.


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